listen up, creative agencies

Here’s why white label ad management is perfect for you


a way with words

You have a leg up on creating content that sells. Great content and messaging drastically improves conversion rates. It also improves ad rank by increasing targeted keyword quality scores.

user behavior

you get it

You understand user behavior and how it can be influenced by the right color, image, placement, text, and tone of messaging. This is critical for testing and campaign optimization.


trust in imaging

You’ve created consumer confidence by creating a brand that immediately establishes the client as a professional. This increases the likelihood of conversion drastically.



You’re wanting to extend the relationship with your client beyond the immediate deliverable of creative designs. You know there’s more that the brand can do outside of the branding package.

Working with the team at Ghost has been fantastic. I've worked with PPC in the past, so I know how things should run, but I just didn't have the time. David and his crew picked up where I left off and saved me a ton of time (and money). Thanks guys!

John C. Marketing Agency Owner

My clients were always looking for more from us after we would deliver their branding package. Naturally I want to keep them happy and help their brand grow, so when I discovered Ghost PPC, I knew it was a perfect fit for us. I understand how paid ads are supposed to work, but I would never attempt this myself. We went Ghost a few months ago, and our client has seen explosive growth online.

Stacy N. Creative Agency Owner

I've been working with the Ghost team for about a year now. These guys are the real deal. As a consultant I am regularly on calls with clients walking through their strategy. David just jumps on calls as is a natural at explaining how a well planned campaign fits directly into my strategy.

Brandon R. Marketing Consultant
    going ghost

    how we work

    Our goal is to help you land new PPC clients and maintain their ad campaigns for as long as we possibly can.

    The upside:

    • You can focus on creating brands and experiences
    • We drive traffic to brands needing exposure
    • You diversify streams of income
    • We work directly with your existing team
    • You remain the face of the business
    • We act as your company, using an assigned email address we use to manage accounts


    closing the deal

    We’ve been doing this a long time. If you have a client interested in ad management, we’d love to serve on your team and help close the deal. We can talk directly to their needs as we’ve done for our clients in the past.


    strategic planning

    Once a client is on board, we work with your team to align the next steps of the plan. We evaluate the client’s needs, assess the state ofThis can be creating a new account from scratch, re-organizing existing ad campaigns, writing new ads, or optimization.


    test and tune

    As the campaigns begin to work, we monitor and adjust as we see necessary to achieve the next level of performance. Whether that’s keyword management, ad text, or device targeting, we’ll make the moves and review those changes with you so you’re aware.


    branded data dashboard

    In most cases, your client will have no idea what’s going on. We create a data dashboard of the campaign in Google Data Studio that is easy to read for you and your client. There’s no hiding behind vague reports – we know what we’re doing and they’ll love the transparency.

    the ghost in our machine


    monetization model

    Our business revolves around offsetting the process and burden of chasing down new business. In return, we’re able to incentivize marketing agencies and consultants for bringing “us” work.

    We don’t care that our name isn’t on the invoice to your client. We just want to do what we love to do and build a relationship with the agency that brings us more work.


    close the deal and invoice

    Hurray! Your client agreed to use your “service.” Get your client to sign the agreement. You charge them the fee based on our outlined fee schedule. Once you collect payment…


    you keep your cut

    You keep 20% of the fee charged. The rest goes to us. We’ll do the onboarding. We’ll do the set up. We’ll do the work. We’ll keep you in the loop. Go back to doing the other things you enjoy. But…


    But wait, there's more

    For the right client, which essentially means the right budget, we can increase your payout to 25% of the fee charged to the client. It’s our way of saying “thank you,” and “there’s plenty to go around.”

    what else is there to this?

    We truly believe in transparency. Expect to be educated on the in’s and out’s of ad management. We don’t believe you need to see us as a crutch for ad management, but more as partners in servicing your clients.